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Cluster Flies

To get good results it is best to wait until after the first winter frosts to treat cluster flys as this is when they head into the loft space to hibernate.Pest wright Pest Control.



Fleas are usually carried into the home by cats and dogs. Flea bites on humans are usually found on the ankles and lower leg and can become very enflamed and sore in some cases. Flea eggs can lay dorment for several months if there is nothing to feed on. Cat fleas need to feed from a cat to lay viable eggs, but will still bite other warm blooded beings.


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Moths and Carpet beetles

It is the larvae of the moth and carpet beetle that do the damage to carpets and clothing made from natural fibres. The top picture shows the silk cases that the moth larvae live in when they are not feeding, and the bottom one is of a carpet beetle. The larvae of the beetle are refered to as woolly bears because of their hairy appearence.

Pest wright Pest Control.Pest wright Pest Control.




Wasps Nests can prove a real problem when close to your home, garden or workplace. Pest Wright can safely ensure that the whole nest is destroyed.

Pest wright Pest Control.


We will only use insecticide for bee’s as a last resort, but we will collect swarms where possible. These are then passed to a local bee keeper.